Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the bootcamp?

The web development bootcamp duration is set at 8 weeks but may be extended on certain factors including learner progress and holidays

What will be the programming languages and technologies covered?

The fundamentals of web development will be covered including HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. Frameworks like React and Laravel will also be covered.

Will the bootcamp provide any certifications upon completion?

Yes, certifications will be provided.

Do I need prior programming experience?

No, the bootcamp caters to beginners and assumes no prior programming experience for the applicants.

Will I need to bring my own laptop or any specific software/tools?

The bootcamp requires each student to have their own PC or laptop with internet connectivity. The required software or tools will be installed during the course of the bootcamp.

What is the typical daily schedule during the bootcamp?

The bootcamp involves a mix of lectures, hands-on coding exercises, group projects, and individual work. 10 - 15 hours a week is usually allocated for discussions but it is flexible and may vary depending on the available schedule of the students.